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Shoshone Lake Yellowstone Nat'l Park

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Bobbie and I have both retired now. We both are still working part time. Bobbie with her Interpreting and I still help out at the school with web work and tech support. Bobbie is very involved with her church activities. She is a member of everything they have.


New from Dan is "Dan Woodshed Woodshop" At the end of last year I built a shop to use in my retirement. Lately I have been using my lathe to turn some bowls. Below is a "Story" of my latest bowls for the month of February. Use the right arrow keys to advance the pictures. Click on the image to get a description.

Phone: 512-960-6061


E-mail: dan@danguerra.com or bobbie@bobbieguerra.com




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Bobbie in Galveston next to the new Pleasure Pier.. Check out her pictures on Photobucket.com

Below is Dan in Galveston.

Dan in Galveston
Galveston, Texas

Bailey's Harbor